Welcome to the May 2024 edition of the Baden-Powell Guild UK Newsletter. As we continue to foster community spirit and support through our various activities, this month has been particularly eventful and rewarding. Let’s delve into the highlights of our engagements and successes.

Guiding Young Spirits: The First Leigh Guide Group Initiative

In an exciting development this month, the First Leigh Guide Group made a significant step towards enhancing their identity and unity. The group successfully applied for a grant to acquire new Necker’s for all members, a traditional and proud symbol in the scouting world.

The Guild was thrilled to contribute with a donation, ensuring that each member of the Guide Group could wear their Necker with pride. This gesture not only boosts the morale of the group but also strengthens the visual presence of our young members in community activities.

Acts of Kindness: Central Branch’s Charitable Efforts

From the heart of Worcester, Jackie Green, a cherished member from the Scout Shop, made a profound contribution to the Ukraine Relief Fund by donating a large box of ladies’ garments. Her generosity exemplifies the spirit of the Baden-Powell Guild, which is all about giving and supporting where it’s most needed.

Our Central Branch also held a productive online meeting this May, primarily focusing on the National Guild Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM). During this meeting, we passed crucial amendments to our Constitution to include Charitable Purposes, aligning our objectives with the HMRC criteria. These changes ensure that our activities not only enrich our members but also contribute positively to wider community development, education, and environmental protection.

Adding a historical flavor to the meeting, Colin Walker gave an enlightening talk on the history of Gilwell, captivating members with stories from our roots that continue to inspire our activities today.

Gibraltar’s Celebratory Note

Over in Gibraltar, the 5th Gibraltar Sea Scouts marked an incredible milestone—their 110th Anniversary. The celebration was beautifully captured in a photo session at the Commonwealth Park, accompanied by a lively performance from the Pipe band. Such festivities are a testament to the enduring spirit and camaraderie that scouting promotes across generations and borders.

Henfield’s Progress and Pursuits

The Henfield B-P Guild has been busy with significant developments at the new Henfield Community Scout Headquarters. Following a successful AGM and the recognition of long-standing members with Service Awards, the focus shifted to the construction progress of their new headquarters. With the structural phase nearing completion, attention is turning to the interior and landscaping, with many local businesses stepping up to support through donations of materials and skilled labor.

Malvern’s Commitment to Adventure

The Malvern B-P Guild played a pivotal role in the recent Shirehike—a scout county walking challenge—by managing car parking and catering at two separate locations. Furthermore, their support extended to the Tigger Explorer Scout Unit, helping purchase Hammock Quilts for their outdoor adventures, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing the scouting experience with practical support.

A Stormy Yet Spirited Scout Activity Day

Despite a storm cutting short the activities at the District Scout Activity Day, spirits remained high. June Etheridge, a qualified Tomahawk throwing instructor, and other guild members ensured that the scouts and leaders were well-engaged and catered to, with plenty of refreshments and activities before the weather turned.

Looking Ahead: ISGF Europe’s Invitations

Looking forward to international engagements, we are excited about the upcoming 11th Central Europe Conference in Nitra, Slovakia. Scheduled from October 3rd to 6th, 2024, this conference promises a rich program exploring the cradle of Christianity in Europe, among other historical and cultural treasures.

In Closing

As we reflect on this month’s activities and look forward to the exciting events planned, it’s clear that the Baden-Powell Guild UK is more than just a community; it’s a family bound by the shared values of service, history, and mutual support. Whether through local initiatives or international engagements, our commitment to enriching lives and communities continues to grow stronger.

For more detailed updates and to get involved, visit our website or connect with us on Facebook.

Until next time, keep the scouting spirit alive!